MiFID II Compliancy

MIFID II Compliancy

European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID II) is about to change the rules on financial markets in some significant ways. Namely to increase:

  • Investor Protection
  • Transparency

This will - among other things - significantly increase the reporting requirements for financial institutions.

Automizing your reporting

Automizing your reporting to comply with MiFID II

WealthyTec offers a number of software solutions that help you to automize your mandatory Transaction Reporting and Record Keeping.

We can help you to automatice the collection of needed information and report generation - ultimately helping you to comply with the new requirements.

Our solutions will adapt to your unique and proprietary systems.

Hosted in our prowerful cloud

Hosted in our prowerful cloud

We host the reporting solution in our cloud, which means that you will always have the latest and greatest version available to you.

On request we can also deploy the solution within your firewall if that is your preferred option.



The prices are VAT exclusive. The startup pricing applies to companies with annual turnover less than €1000,000 (one million euros). Additionlly we will add the cost of deployment according to our FinTech Consulting pricing

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