Robo Advisor

White label Robo Advisor

Offer your customers a great digital advisory experience with our white label Robo Advisor and out-of-the-box support modules.

You may choose to take the whole Robo Advisor service or any of the supporting modules alone.

We offer the following supporting modules:

  • Portfolio management and dashboards
  • Digital customer profiling workflow
  • Algorithms to match instruments to clients' profiles
  • Investment screeners

Optimized for all screensizes

Adptive design ensures that our Robo Advisor provides a great user experiences in any devices anywhere.

Our Robo Advisor and all of it's modules have been developed using adaptive design. That means that by default they provide a great user experience on any device anywhere - from mobile phones to large screen computers.

Hosted in our powerful cloud

Hosted in our powerful cloud

We host the Robo Advisor in our cloud, which means that you will always have the latest and greatest version available to you.

On request we can also deploy the Robo Advisor or any of the modules within your firewall if that is your preferred option.

Demo consept

Lightweight implementation of China Stock Robo Advisor

For you to test the experience we have created a lightweight Robo Advisor consept that focuses on internationally tradeable Chinese stocks. The consept has already been used by over 15,000 investors globally.

It showcases the power of our algorightms and simplicity of design. Add there, your choise of customer profiling and portfolion management modules, the Robo Advisor is ready for deployment.

Access the Robo Advisor consept here

Pricing per module


The prices are VAT exclusive. The startup pricing applies to companies with annual turnover less than €1000,000 (one million euros). Additionlly we will add the cost of deployment according to our FinTech Consulting pricing

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