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Company M. Cap P/E
Baidu Inc.83.87B USD17.212
YY Inc.5.58B USD25.416
Weibo Corporation21.33B USD253.711
Sina Corporation7.83B USD36.98
Yirendai Ltd.2.5B USD18.919
CITIC Telecom International Holdings Ltd8.04B HKD9.87
China Telecom Corp Ltd40.44B USD12.35
China Telecom Corporation Ltd312.4B HKD12.294
APT Satellite Holdings Ltd3.42B HKD7.34
AirMedia Group Inc141.33M USD0.97
51job Inc.3.76B USD45.402
Beijing Digital Telecom Co Ltd1.99B HKD4.57
Acorn International Inc.38.29M USD-11.61 International Ltd.24.3B USD-63.295
Bitauto Holdings Limited3.32B USD-34.188
Fanf Holdings Limited2.12B USD-11.902
21Vianet Group Inc.803.25M USD-9.16
Tuniu Corporation918.46M USD-2.198 Inc.2.21B USD-11.577
ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.29.09M USD-0.539
Phoenix New Media Limited376.98M USD30.424
China Mobile Ltd1.61T HKD11.929
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd280.66B HKD60.66
Xunlei Limited754.48M USD-35.5
Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd32.25B SGD618.377
Renren Inc.783.96M USD-19.083
Beijing Media Corporation Ltd647.18M HKD-7.989
ChinaNet Online Holdings Inc.14.81M USD-1.622
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Ltd2.84B HKD6.559
Wuxi Sunlit Science and Technology Co Ltd84.8M HKD-12.192
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