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Company M. Cap P/E
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd155.33B HKD15.903
Vipshop Holdings Limited4.89B USD18.135
Tarena International Inc.846.22M USD23.501
China Distance Education Holdings Limited265.52M USD10.327
China Lodging Group Limited8.65B USD74.564
BYD Co Ltd182.13B HKD31.883
Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd182.26M SGD9.765
eHi Car Services Limited768.59M USD-325.352
Nexteer Automotive Group Ltd38.14B HKD19.519
Alibaba Group Holding Limited469.02B USD91.195
Nanjing Sinolife United Co Ltd1.32B HKD7.729
Zhuhai Holdings Investment Group Ltd1.66B HKD14.5
Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd1.14B HKD7.335
China Southern Airlines Company Limited12.03B USD8.923
Shanghai Jin Jiang Int'l Hotels (Group) Co Ltd15.53B HKD16.503
Fuxing China Group13.33M SGD-4.862
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.12.89B USD54.36
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd70.32B HKD21.545
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd.12.77B USD7.932
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd98.5B HKD7.867
Great Wall Motor Co Ltd29.63B HKD8.797
Kingold Jewelry Inc.149.86M USD2.671
Air China Ltd130.73B HKD9.819
Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co Ltd17.75B HKD11.03
Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co Ltd5.27B HKD6.329
SORL Auto Parts Inc.87.84M USD5.17
Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Ltd8.03B HKD11.133
BeijingWest Industries International Ltd861.51M HKD6.25
China Automotive Systems Inc.162.97M USD7.055
Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd1.43B HKD9.917
China Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation Ltd1.77B HKDN/A
Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co Ltd14B HKD9.509
Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd4.97B HKD4.053
China Kunda Technology Holdings Ltd6.15M SGD8.751
Fujian Holdings Ltd406.67M HKDN/A
Wowo Limited82.83M USD-0.902 Inc.54.68B USD-35.137
SinoCloud Group14.31M SGD-0.583
Forise International Ltd19.17M SGD-1.087
BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd68.51B HKD15.893
P99 Holdings Ltd6.93M SGD-3.2
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd99.9B HKD24.473
Poly Culture Group Corporation Ltd4.48B HKD12.993
LightInTheBox Holding Co. Ltd.131.53M USD-6.367
Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd90.3B HKD6.525
Shenyang Public Utility Holdings Co Ltd609.79M HKDN/A
Peking University Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd1.65B HKD-3.929
Kandi Technologies Group Inc.331.43M USD115
China Online Education Group278.37M USD-3.479
KBS Fashion Group Limited3.98M USDN/A
Zhejiang Shibao Co Ltd6.31B HKD14.768
Ever-Glory International Group Inc.34.02M USD4.182
iOne Holdings Ltd1.95B HKDN/A
Hailiang Education Group Inc.732.46M USD47.989
Xinchen China Power Holdings Ltd1.42B HKD5.745
Guangshen Railway Company Limited4.3B USD20.554
Xiezhong International Holdings Ltd1.19B HKD30.848
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd33.58B HKD21.629
Baoye Group Co Ltd3.19B HKD4.701
Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd170.61M SGD12.667
China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdings Ltd6.26M SGD-0.039
China Greenland Rundong Auto Group Ltd2.99B HKD20.13
Jinmao Hotel & Jinmao (China) Hotel Inv and Mgt Ltd - SS9.82B HKD16.931
Shangri-La HKD57.02B SGD1182.008
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd15.14B HKD23.167
China Zenix Auto International Limited58.34M USD-60.887
China Xiniya Fashion Limited17.22M USD-0.15
China Auto Logistics Inc.9.88M USD-2.248
C&D International Investment Group Ltd2.55B HKD82.122
Rivera (Holdings) Ltd1.46B HKD7
Billion Industrial Holdings Ltd14.68B HKD56.892
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd6.72B HKD13
Guangdong Tannery Ltd473.46M HKD-9.778
China Taisan Technology Group Holdings Ltd2.69M SGD-0.032
China Sports International Ltd13.84M SGD-5.797
China Jishan Holdings Ltd57.28M SGD-18.358
Combine Will International Holdings Ltd30.71M SGD-14.21
Pavillon Holdings17.45M SGDN/A
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