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Company M. Cap P/E
Highpower International Inc79.11M USD17.167
Sino Grandness Food Industry Group Ltd200.78M SGD1.165
China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd84.58B HKD33.048
GP Batteries International Ltd204.76M SGD-32.375
China Jo-Jo Drugstores Inc.37.82M USD75
Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd44.83B HKD20.023
Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co Ltd385.02M HKD14.407
China Foods Ltd14.04B HKD23.905
Hua Lien International (Holding) Co Ltd376.88M HKD-0.688
Beijing Jingkelong Co Ltd948.11M HKD38.094
Yashili International Holdings Ltd8.02B HKDN/A
American Lorain Corporation9.95M USD26
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co Ltd3.72B HKD-5.977
China New Borun Corporation33.22M USD2.119
China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd19.74B HKD-75.2
Yantai North Andre Juice Co Ltd1.4B HKD12.514
China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co Ltd73.31B HKD133.683
Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd.215.03M USD-6.8
China Kangda Food Co Ltd82.26M SGD-30.597
Dukang Distillers Holdings Ltd27.94M SGD-9.946
Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology17.82M SGD-4.831
Zhongxin Fruit11.61M SGDN/A
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