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WealthyTec is a FinTech start-up based in Helsinki, Finland. We are building an Automated Investment Advisor (Robo Advisor) with the core focus on Chinese stocks that can be traded by international investors.

In addition, WealthyTec offers powerful B2B solutions – helping finance industry companies become truly digital. Now available, these solutions will transform wealth management experiences and financial service delivery, using WealthyTec’s advanced software solutions and cloud capabilities.

WealthyTec for Investors (B2C)

We currently offer free prototype of our China Stock Robo Advisor, which have been used by over 15,000 users worldwide. In 2017 we are positioned to launch our premium automated investment advisory service. If you want to be among the first ones to hear, please sign up to our waiting list.

Try out the China Stock Robo Advisor

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Q: Why Automated Investment Advisor?
A: Finance industry is at the moment undergoing huge disruption. The sweet spot of the Finance industry is wealth management and investment advisory. Advanced computer algorithms bring advanced investment strategies to everyone while automation lowers typical advisory fees from thousands of euros, to euros.

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Q: Why Chinese stocks?
A: China is in the midst of significant transition. The consumer sector is the new Klondike outperforming most other investment opportunities globally for decades to come. As investors, we want to be in those sectors and get our fair share of the growth. WealthyTec algorithms are optimized to find the best stocks that can be traded by international investors. Learn more on How to Profit from China book.

WealthyTec for Companies (B2B)

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Our B2B Solutions

WealthyTec’s powerful B2B solutions will assist financial industry companies to create compelling, personalized and consistent digital experiences for their customers with fast time-to-market.

Read more at: WealthyTec's B2B Solutions

Partner with us

Partner with us

We are looking for companies and individuals to co-operate with around digitalizing wealth management and financial services in general. If you have the needed skills or assets and share our enthusiasm, please drop us an email at hello@wealthytec.com

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