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Today, with the negative news around the Chinese economy, it is easy to forget there are several sectors in China that will outperform most other investment opportunities globally for decades to come. As investors, we want to be in those sectors and get our fair share of the growth.

Jukka Blomberg – a Chinese Stock Analytics Software Creator and an active China Investor – will show you how to tap into these opportunities, in which sectors to invest, how to find the most promising stocks and how to build your position. Moreover, in this book he will help you:

  • To save money by illustrating the dos and do nots in China investing.
  • To save time by presenting the majority of information on Chinese stocks in an easily digestible format.
  • To make money by focusing on the fastest growing and most promising industries and companies.
  • To minimize the odds of big losses and to maximize the odds of big gains by adopting the strategies introduced.

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