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White label Robo Reporter

Boost your online presence and website traffic with our Robo Reporter. It automatizes your financial news and content creation and posts articles directly to your website or blog.

The Robo Reporter uses a set of rules to generate stories and the articles can be published based on specific events, such as change in the market conditions or regulary at specific time of a day.

There is no limit on how often or what kind of articles the Robo Reporter produces. It adjusts completely to your needs and rules of news production.

Optimized for Google Finance and News

Optimizing news for Google Finance increases the likelyhood of your news getting on the newsfeed and most importantly increase the traffic to your service.

We can optimize the news for Google News and Google Finance, which means that you have high likelyhood to be featured in Google Finance newsfeed.

Being featured in the newsfeed will likely increase organic traffic to your website significantly.

Hosted in our prowerful cloud

Hosted in our prowerful cloud

We host the Robo Reporter in our cloud, which means that you will always have the latest and greatest version available to you.

On request we can also deploy the Robo Reporter within your firewall if that is your preferred option.


Examples news articles created by our Robo Reporter

Here are couple of example articles our Robo Reporter has created.

Let us know what kind of news you want our Robo Reporter to start creating for you and your website/blog.



The prices are VAT exclusive. The startup pricing applies to companies with annual turnover less than €1000,000 (one million euros). Additionlly we will add the cost of deployment according to our FinTech Consulting pricing

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