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Company M. Cap P/E
Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Ltd1.83B HKD15.25
CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Co Ltd29.85B HKD14.449
Technovator International Ltd1.93B HKD2.037
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co Ltd53.37B HKD14.629
Capital Environment Holdings Ltd5.36B HKDN/A
China State Construction International Holdings Ltd54.43B HKD9.625
Far East Global Group Ltd2.09B HKD24.25
China Everbright International Ltd49.13B HKD21.49
CRRC Corporation Ltd304.93B HKD14.748
Dutech Holdings Ltd128.35M SGD4.831
Guangdong Yueyun Transportation Co Ltd4.07B HKD11.392
Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd.1.36B USD12.301
Nordic Group Ltd220.14M SGD18.667
Shenzhen Expressway Co Ltd19.78B HKD8.772
China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd3.05B HKD2.538
Fuling Global Inc.77.09M USD6.901
Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co Ltd592M HKD-12.256
Shanghai Prime Machinery Co Ltd2.26B HKD9.287
Zhejiang Expressway Co Ltd39.74B HKD11.481
Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd4.65B HKD13.649
China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd41.13B HKD5.971
HNA Infrastructure Co Ltd3.95B HKD7.047
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd53.27B HKD14.76
China Railway Group Ltd196.37B HKD8.95
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Dev Group Co Ltd5.54B HKD10.595
Sunpower Group Ltd427.84M SGD14.01
Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Co Ltd2.18B HKD9.429
Dongjiang Environmental Co Ltd13.31B HKD23.187
China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd160.32B HKD8.145
Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd26.15B HKD112.033
Hengxin Technology Ltd120.28M SGD4.992
Beijing Capital International Airport Co Ltd54.83B HKD26.21
China Communications Construction Co Ltd253.22B HKD7.754
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Ltd9.49B HKD13.81
Chasen Holdings Ltd33.36M SGD-8.9
CHTC Fong's Industries Co Ltd2.33B HKD12.471
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd18.65B HKD9.523
China Shipping Development Co Ltd22.36B HKD11.674
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd99.82B HKD8.833
Sinotrans Ltd22.62B HKD9.109
Qingdao Port International Co Ltd31.57B HKD10.312
China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Ltd1.75B HKDN/A
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd60.14B HKD19.706
MMP Resources13.92M SGD-0.6
Qingling Motors Co Ltd6.53B HKD11.463
Xiamen International Port Co Ltd4.14B HKD12.587
Joyas International Holdings11.48M SGD-0.875
Leader Environmental Technologies Ltd18.52M SGD-7.247
China Advanced Construction Materials Group Inc.4.18M USD-0.193
Shougang Concord Century Holdings Ltd471.11M HKD-2.042
China Communications Services Corporation Ltd32.9B HKD11.239
China COSCO Holdings Co Ltd59.55B HKD-3.598
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd27.67B HKD9.659
Jujiang Construction Group Co Ltd153.36M HKD4.141
CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Ltd3.85B HKD5.82
Nanjing Sample Technology Co Ltd5.64B HKD27.812
Sinotrans Shipping Ltd8.02B HKD-12.872
Dalian Port (PDA) Co Ltd29.82B HKD28.363
Avic International Maritime Holdings Ltd29.99M SGD-7.247
China International Holdings Ltd17.81M SGD-0.171
Weichai Power Co Ltd81.28B HKD17.214
Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co Ltd894.59M HKD4.482
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd12.51B HKD7.062
Nanjing Panda Electronics Co Ltd7.67B HKD34.919
China Aluminum International Engineering Corp Ltd5.51B HKD7.143
Shenzhen International Holdings Ltd30.36B HKD19.455
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co Ltd2.94B HKD-3.653
Launch Tech Co Ltd3.34B HKD-26.293
Hyflux388.72M SGD-16.5
Harbin Electric Co Ltd4.96B HKD18.633
Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd102.15B HKD18.992
SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co Ltd28.78B HKD8.971
COSCO International Holdings Ltd4.89B HKD17.722
China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd42.81B HKD-3.673
China Machinery Engineering Corporation19.56B HKD8.533
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co Ltd33.34B HKD-158.586
Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd7.57B HKD15.375
NF Energy Saving Corporation6.65M USD-3.242
China Int'l Marine Containers (Group) Co Ltd51.34B HKD-648.42
Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd24.39B HKD-16.911
SGOCO Group Ltd11.65M USD-0.523
First Tractor Co Ltd6.16B HKD18.219
Qinhuangdao Port Co Ltd45.99B HKD17.598
Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co. Ltd.7.84M USD-3.288
Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co Ltd3.46B HKD7.077
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co Ltd11.97B HKD47.307
Northeast Electric Development Co Ltd4.21B HKD-77.844
China Recycling Energy Corporation9.73M USD3.777
China Merchants Port Holdings Co Ltd75.02B HKD19.874
World Precision Machinery Ltd78M SGD23.551
Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd61.53M SGD63.656
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd6.19B SGD24.311
Sembcorp Industries Ltd5.83B SGD21.733
Hu An Cable11.13M SGD-0.075
Cosco794.93M SGD-1.268
Ziwo Holdings Ltd9.83M SGD-0.845
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