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Company M. Cap P/E
NetEase Inc.39.38B USD25.44
China Finance Online Co. Limited54.33M USD1.643
Momo Inc.5.88B USD93.125
Baozun Inc.1.7B USD276.528
China Customer Relations Centers Inc.231.69M USD42.133
ZTE Corporation137.06B HKD27.787
TravelSky Technology Ltd58.96B HKD21.956
Global Invacom Group36.95M SGD10.161
EVOC Intelligent Technology Co Ltd1.37B HKD5.107
Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd15.25B HKD17.162
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co Ltd5.43B HKD23.53
AVIC International Holdings Ltd9.5B HKD8.881
Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co20.57B HKD26.847
China Electronics Corporation Holdings Co Ltd3.59B HKD3.052
Flat Glass Group Co Ltd2.52B HKD3.312
Inspur International Ltd2.28B HKD-239
China Information Technology Inc.53.91M USD-7.444
China BAK Battery Inc.48.51M USD-3.491
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation65.83B HKD181.099
IRICO Group New Energy Co Ltd2.01B HKD-5.733
Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd4.45M USD-1.957
NQ Mobile Inc.404.27M USD34.091
UTStarcom Holdings Corp119.79M USD-10.733
Tonly Electronics Holdings Ltd2.54B HKD17
The9 Limited69.75M USD-0.282
Valuetronics Holdings Ltd450.51M SGD19.142
Swing Media Technology Group Ltd26.04M SGD2.033
Gridsum Holding Inc.275.72M USD-25.467
China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited23.18M USD-2.547
Capinfo Co Ltd1.71B HKD24.43
China City Railway Transportation Technology Hldgs Co Ltd1.85B HKD88
ATA Inc.101.64M USD287.086
Chanjet Information Technology Co Ltd2.76B HKD-13.146
AKM Industrial Co Ltd2.11B HKD-171
Hi-P1.66B SGD-68.667
Willas-Array Electronics Holdings76.34M SGD-24.307
TPV Technology Ltd3.07B HKD5.593
Founder Holdings Ltd599.88M HKD12.5
TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd7.55B HKD12.735
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Ltd1.9B HKDN/A
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation8.25B USDN/A Limited1.96B USD14.356
Elec & Eltek International Company Ltd289.73M SGD23.162
Longcheer Holdings Ltd19.21M SGD17.553
Plastoform Holdings Ltd5.85M SGD-4.732
TPV Technology Ltd538.77M SGD5.977
United Food Holdings Ltd57.63M SGD-0.525
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